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Cubmaster's Minutes: Summer is here!

posted Jun 8, 2018, 7:27 AM by boyscoutsofamerica cubscoutpack71
Hello Pack 71!
Our Pack picnic on June 6th was a blast! Things can get wild and crazy when trying to keep 30-40 Cub Scouts (and parents) actively engaged but I think we did a pretty good job. We started off with a tale of how Akela found his tribe and all the different Dens came together. Then we promoted all of our Scouts to the next rank one Den at a time, which involved their parents removing their old neckerchiefs and presenting them with new ones. Our Den Chiefs assisted with face paint for the boys which showed off the ranks they have earned which the boys enjoy showing off year after year. Then we had hot dogs thanks to some help from the Troop and played Tug of War and Kickball. 
We also had some new faces show up as a result of our recruiting at the Open Houses at the schools, and we look forward to more people joining us at our next big event - our end-of-summer picnic on August 29th. A reminder to anyone who is considering joining our Pack: you can join us at any time throughout the year, you don't have to wait until specific signup dates to apply. We pro-rate our dues and we have activities year round, despite taking a short break from weekly meetings during the summer. If you have any questions please contact the Pack email.
We are all looking forward to Day Camp at the end of this month and Resident Camp in July! And we can't wait to meet all the new Scouts that will join us when school starts up again!
Yours in Scouting,
Cubmaster Nick